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                                            2014 Indie Writers Unite Blog hop! 
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The winner of OLD GENT signed hardcover is Sarah Smiles!
The next few folks won Kindle versions! Please send me the email you wish your Kindle copy to go to!
My email is RIAP57@aol.com
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Elisa Difino
Jeffrey Belanger 

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If you love TREES, this prize is for you! Win Kindle copy of the OLD GENT I will be giving away several copies.  Big Prize is a hard-cover full-color copy signed by me!

To enter my giveaway, just comment on this Blog and leave your contact email, and any other tidbit you'd like me to know. Below find a blurb about OLD GENT, the semi-fictional biography of the tree on the cover, from the tree's point of view!

     Sprouting in an old abandoned field around 1895, Old Gent, a Norway Spruce, grew into a majestic towering specimen of his species, protective of the old home he saw built on his lands as a stout sapling. Human activity amused, startled, frightened and sometimes hurt him, thus he never found trust in the beaverlike species, until the fifth owner in nine decades moved into the old house he sheltered. The woman and her spouse proved reverent, changing his attitudes towards humans. The old tree experienced a new emotions, and gained the name of Old Gent. 
      When terror from the skies threatened the lands, he stood strong, determined to shield the home and owners he now loved, and paid a price. As decades weakened his ancient body with internal decay from injuries, he fought to regrow lost limbs, racing to once again tower into the skies. He spiraled a few seeds against the foundation of the old house, where his offspring sprouted. On his fateful felling day, one stood poised to continue his sire's legacy.

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Dates of the Summer Splash Blog Hop: June 13-16, 2014

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway, your book sounds very interesting! msteele79@live.com

  2. I love trees! Thanks for the giveaway.


  3. Thank you for offering what sounds like a very interesting and thought-provoking novel.

  4. What a unique book! Thanks for the giveaway. prettylittlepages[at]gmail[dot]com

  5. (email's in blogger profile)
    Oooh, this sounds fascinating. If only trees could tell us more than they do. Rings give an interesting idea of their lives, but it'd be interesting to have a record of all the things observed over a very long life. Yay for helping to prevent more senseless deaths to trees!

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! gina_hester@hotmail.com

  7. Thank you Sounds great. I live near the forest and love it. flip at ida dot net

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  9. Thanks for participating! I love trees :-)

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  12. I love the blurb of your book! It sounds really interesting. I've never heard a tree being the main character of a book before. I can't wait to learn more about it! My email is: ellielane78@gmail.com

  13. I'm HOOKED. will enjoy the rest of it, I'm sure!! single50sherry@yahoo.com

  14. This sounds like a very beautiful book. Thank you for sharing it with us. michelle_willms at yahoo dot com.

  15. I would like to hear what the old tree has to say. jonesjnd (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. The book blurb is so touching about Old Gent. Definite read for me. You must have a very gentle soul to write such a book. suzyrph@charter.net

  17. Great blurb for Old Gent. Thanks for the giveaway.


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    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  20. This is such fun and I love all the giveaways! This books sounds so great! Thanks for the chance to win it! okbarbie5@yahoo.com

  21. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. We had a HUGE lilac tree in our front yard growing up. louriestaib@yahoo.com

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  23. The book sounds interesting; something I've not read before, but sounds fascinating and unique. Thanks for the chance :)
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