Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years Blog Hop-update


The New Year's Hop, which began on Friday January 11, 2013 is now over! 
I gave away a Kindle KHAN: A MAINE COON, and a printed, signed version  the paperback. and a Kindle version of the short story collection, The White Dragons of Suvwilur & Other Stories! The paperback version shows all illustrations in full glorious color, and so far, the winner has not stepped forward to claim the prize!

Winners have been annnounced!
Khan:A Maine Coon Paperback-Ellen Thompson (sent)
Khan:A Maine Coon Kindle-Jessica Crawford (Sent)
The White Dragons & Other Stories Kindle - Ash (sent)
The White Dragons & Other Stories Color signed PP - Karen Couch (Karen-Waiting for response! Please contact me or I'll have to award the prize to another)
For the paperbacks-please email me with your snail mail!
Send email to: RIAP27@aol.com 
 If interested in my books check them out below.

 For sample chapters of Khan: A Maine Coon, or from my other books, and for other information on my short story collection, check my website http://www.mariejsphillips.com/
 Click below images to go to their pages on my website for more information!