Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Splash Blog Hop 2013

Greetings to all!
Thanks  so much for entering!
I wish I could have given everyone a set!!
If you wish to purchase the books please visit my Amazon page where all except OLD GENT are available in various formats!  

For the lucky winners I had one hardcover set, two paperback sets and decided to draw for multiple Kindle editions!! 
I contacted the winners privately! 
Stay tuned for the next Indie Writers Unite Blog hop! 

July 26-July 29


Win a  signed copy of the FURLITES OF ARORIEL: Book Il - Earth-bred, Matissia-born! Also included a signed copy of Book I-On Matissia Wings thus you win the two book set!!  Paperback and kindle editions available!  

BONUS! I found a hardcover set!! Some lucky winner will receive these, signed,  as well!!
To enter my giveaway, just comment on this Blog and leave your contact email, preferred format, and any other tidbit you'd like me to know.

    In Book II - Meet the charismatic Felakoons. genetically altered felines of Maine Coon cat  ancestry who bond to a Furlite of their own choosing! 
    In Book I-learn how the Furlitian Clan Darius ends up on our world, meets humanity and inadvertently takes aboard their starship, a little stowaway, who bequeaths to Furlitiekind a gift  more precious than all the gems in the Universe.
(Note-some sexual content)

Check out summary and sample chapters at

Available in paperback or for your Kindle!!

Dates of the Summer Splash Blog Hop: July 26-July 29

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