Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Splash Blog Hop 2013

Greetings to all!
Thanks  so much for entering!
I wish I could have given everyone a set!!
If you wish to purchase the books please visit my Amazon page where all except OLD GENT are available in various formats!  

For the lucky winners I had one hardcover set, two paperback sets and decided to draw for multiple Kindle editions!! 
I contacted the winners privately! 
Stay tuned for the next Indie Writers Unite Blog hop! 

July 26-July 29


Win a  signed copy of the FURLITES OF ARORIEL: Book Il - Earth-bred, Matissia-born! Also included a signed copy of Book I-On Matissia Wings thus you win the two book set!!  Paperback and kindle editions available!  

BONUS! I found a hardcover set!! Some lucky winner will receive these, signed,  as well!!
To enter my giveaway, just comment on this Blog and leave your contact email, preferred format, and any other tidbit you'd like me to know.

    In Book II - Meet the charismatic Felakoons. genetically altered felines of Maine Coon cat  ancestry who bond to a Furlite of their own choosing! 
    In Book I-learn how the Furlitian Clan Darius ends up on our world, meets humanity and inadvertently takes aboard their starship, a little stowaway, who bequeaths to Furlitiekind a gift  more precious than all the gems in the Universe.
(Note-some sexual content)

Check out summary and sample chapters at

Available in paperback or for your Kindle!!

Dates of the Summer Splash Blog Hop: July 26-July 29

NOTE-SPAMMERES will be ignored, deleted, and blocked.


  1. 'Ello! Hopping along on the blog hop! I read your 'About the Author' and saw that you had a cat named Demon. Growing up, we had two cats, Sassy and Monster. Sassy was the sweetest cat with me, but she terrified everyone else - a bit of a guard cat. Monster, however, was evil. He liked doing this thing where he'd act all sweet and lick your face, then he'd go in for the kill. He'd trick you into thinking he was just being lovable and then bite your nose. Cats are...interesting.

    I'm more of a Kindle book girl than a paperback one. My email is smilesXalumniYcmuYedu (replace X with @ and Y with .)

  2. We had a cat named Deuce.. lol another word for demon.. trust me! stuffed animals that stood up had no chance of survival! you could pick it up and stand it up right..and before you could turn all the way around Deuce was there to pounce it down again!

    Thanks for being part of the hop!

    vals_hemi at yahoo dot com
    I would prefer it for my kindle.. ;) or paperback if I get that lucky! ;))

  3. Hopping by having a look at all the other authors' pages :-) Looks great and best of luck with the promo!

  4. Hopping all over these wonderful author sites! So fun to find new books. I would love to win one of your books for my Kindle. Thanks!

  5. Hopping along with the Summer Splash! I use a Kindle.

  6. I would love the print edition!! I only have the kindle app on my laptop and its a pain to read books on there!
    Thank you for being part of the hop :)

  7. Thank you for participating in this fun hop. I use a Kindle and love my ebooks.

  8. Thank you for being part of the hop. I love getting to know new authors! I use a kindle so e-book would be great.

  9. Fellow hopper dropping by. :-)

  10. I would love a print edition! :) Thank you for your wonderful giveaway.

    craigcrystal (at) ymail (dot) com

  11. Thanks for the HOP having an awesome time. Joe Hawkshaw Kindle format

  12. Thanks everyone for dropping by! Keep on Hoppin'!!

  13. Your books sound wonderful! I prefer paper backs, but if those are not available, my second choice is Mobi for Kindle. Thank you for the great excerpts, your participation in the hop, and your giveaway.

  14. Thanks for the chance! I would like a Kindle version.
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

  15. Kindle Please. grandmatinaof2 at gmail dot com Thanks for the chance to win. Hop Hop!!

  16. So glad to "meet" you on this fun summer blog hop, Marie! I note you have a Maine Coon cat and I've always wanted one. We had an orange tabby who was huge and very mellow whom we lost three years ago and we miss him so much! I love the way cats play right up to the time they simply, physically can't do it anymore. I use a Kindle app on my eReader. And thanks for participating on this hop!

  17. Hello Marie! Just another fellow hopper stopping by to say hi :-)

  18. This has been an awesome Blog Hop! I am trying to get through all of them before they end! Thanks for participating!

    Please send mobi format to

  19. What a fascinating series! I would love to win the paperback copies. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  20. I'm interested in your books. I'd like paperback.



  21. Love the picture of your cat. I had a Maine coon cat and it looks just like my Elmo. What wonderful cats they are. Much success on the blog hop.

  22. I would love to win your books in paperback. My email is Thank you for such an awesome contest.

  23. Thanks everyone for entering! One more day to go!!

  24. Hi! I would love a kindle copy please. Thank you!
    Thank you for participating in this awesome hop! Im having a blast! Thank you the fantastic giveaways too! :)

  25. I would love a Kindle copy. Thanks! Another tidbit I think you should know is that I rode my horse this morning and it was invigorating.

    1. Hi Sadie!
      You won a Kindle copy! I need your email to send the books to you! Email me at!

  26. Just found this today! Just made it! Whatever you want to send if I win is fine with me! :)

  27. Aloha Marie! Thanks for hopping along with us! May your life and work be filled with love, imagination and inspiration!

  28. I would love a kindle copy. Thank you so much!

  29. thanks for the chance,

  30. Thanks for offering this chance!
    I'd prefer print copies.

    bookaholicholly at gmail dot com

    P.S. My cats say hello!

  31. Thanks everyone for entering! I am drawing winners now and will be in touch shortly!!

  32. Winners have been contacted!
    I wish I could have given everyone my books! But there will be other opportunities at other Blog Hops! Stay tuned!


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